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Post Info TOPIC: Read First: Rules and Infraction Points *merged*


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New Infraction Points List

Outright ban = 50 points
1 week suspension = 25 points
Warning of an Infraction = 0 points
2 suspensions = 25+25 = 50 points = Outright ban
3 warnings of any type = 15 points
All points will be carried over and stay with you
A PM will be provided with a warning, your post, and the actual infraction to what coincides with a rule that has been fractured.

Posting pornography = 20 points (NO WARNING)
Not respecting staff members = 20 points (NO WARNING)
Homophobic slurs = 20 points (NO WARNING)
Racial slurs = 20 points (NO WARNING)
Promoting self-harm = 20 points (NO WARNING)
Re-registering your account = 10 points > IP ban (NO WARNING)

Spamming in threads = Warning > 10 points
Using the forum as a promotion tool = Warning > 10 points
Not respecting other members (flaming) = Warning > 10 points
Posting borderline pornography = Warning > 10 points
Posting "HIZ SOO HAWWWTT" content consistently = Warning > 10 points

Excessive swearing in a single post = Warning > 5 points
Bumping Up Threads = Warning > 5 points
Not meeting signature dimensions = Warning > 5 points
Incorrectly labelling threads = Warning > 5 points


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Read First: Rules and Infraction Points *merged*

1) No spamming
Spamming consists of everything that is not wanted on a message board. Such examples of spamming would be posting links to other (useless) web sites or making off-topic posts that do not follow the point of a thread. If you create threads with links to other sites, the thread will be closed and the link will be removed. If you create threads that do not serve purposes on these forums, or if you continually post off-topic posts in a thread, you will be given a warning as the staff sees fit and your posts will be deleted.

2) No flooding
Flooding is posting repeatedly in a thread without waiting for another user to post in it. This can also include posting in numerous different threads with non-contributing posts in a blatant attempt to heighten ones post count. The EDIT button is there for a reason. Flooding can get you a warning as the staff sees fit.

3) No Necroposting/‘bumping’
‘Necroposting’ is bumping old topics that have not been replied to in over sixty days (or two months). Any thread over 2 months old is off-limits and is considered as a ‘dead’ topic. If you wish to post in a thread which is over 2 months old, you can make a new topic about it if there are no other existing ‘live’ topics on the forums. If you see an example of this please notify the staff so that we can immediately lock the old thread so no one can be tempted to ‘bump’ it.

4) No posting in the wrong forum/thread
Although staff is capable of moving threads, please post your threads in the forum where it most belongs. We do not like seeing threads dealing with what you had for homework in say a Music forum. If there are excessive amounts of this found, we will simply start deleting the threads instead of moving them. Search first to ensure there are no ‘live’ threads before you create another. Failure to do this may result in a warning as staff sees fit.

5) No advertising
Advertising is posting links to either products you are selling or websites you own in an attempt to receive customers or traffic. You may post links to interesting items for sale you come across or websites you find, as long as you are not a part of that site and receive no benefits or compensation, monetary or otherwise, for bringing visitors to said site. Don't use the forums as a promotion tool. Posting links to your personal website is not allowed. This of course is at the discretion of the staff and links may be removed if deemed necessary. 

6) Keep it clean
We ask that you keep the forums clean. There are younger users on the forums and we hope to shield them from anything offensive. For example, do not upload offensive images. Warnings will be given as staff sees fit. Immediate bans may apply to those who post pornographic imagery or posts deemed equally offensive/explicit.

7) No racial or homophobic slurs
Racial, homophobic slurs, and the use of "retarded" and such terminology are absolutely not tolerated on these forums and will result in an automatic warning with no questions asked. We do not want our community littered with these kinds of derogatory remarks. We ask that you refrain from making any such remarks on the forums. If you have a problem with a user, please contact a member of staff.

8) No excessive swearing/offensiveness
As this is an all-ages and a multicultural forum we have to respect our members and ask that you refrain from making any such remarks on the site. Occasional swearing is okay provided it is not used in an offensive or derogatory manner, or your posts are littered with it. There is nothing funny about seeing a post full of censored (ie: ****) words. It is neither comprehendible nor contributory to the topic and will be considered akin to spamming. Any instances of name-calling or offensive and explicit terminology will not be tolerated under any circumstances. A censor is in place for a reason and will continue to be so. If you have a problem with a user, please contact a member of staff and we will deal with it accordingly.

9) Respect other users
You are entitled to your own opinions about matters discussed on these forums, but you must be willing to accept the opinions of other users as well. If you do not agree with the opinion of someone else, discuss it with them in a professional matter and do not flame the user for having different views. Any types of flaming will get a user issued with a warning. Also, threatening users is not approved. We do not wish to see threats made against other users on our forums.

10) Respect other people's musical tastes
People's musical tastes vary, so don't ‘hate’ on someone for liking a band which you dislike. People make threads about bands in ‘Other Bands’ so they can have other fans comment on his/her band that they like. They don't wish for someone to come in and start bashing the band on how much it ‘sucks’. You may not like the band, but someone else may, so try to respect that. 

11) Use intelligence
To put it simply, act like you have some intelligence and make it possible for other users to read your posts so they can understand what you're saying. Posting like you do not have any idea what you’re doing only makes the forums look bad and will turn other users away. It does not take that long to make sure what you're typing is legible and can be read by everyone (ie no OMG HE IZ SO HAWT!!!). We understand that we cater to many nationalities here so for the purposes of all involved please use English where you can. If you have to, invest in a dictionary. Warnings will be given as staff sees fit.

12) Antagonizing staff
If any user is found antagonizing a member of staff (this includes insulting, disobeying warnings and other such behaviour) they will receive an automatic warning and will be subject to a ban if the behaviour continues.

13) No advising
Most of the staff members are pretty intelligent when enforcing rules and had a while in practicing it at other forums, while newer staff members were picked because of their great understanding of the rules and due to the fact they know how to handle moderating situations. Therefore, all of us know how to do our jobs. We don't need advice from regular members. First offenders will be given pre-emptive warnings, and repeated offences will warrant a warning. We ask that you continue posting normally, and unless asked leave all moderating jobs to the moderators. If you have an issue with one staff member appeals can be made to the other staff members where you see fit. While we try to remain fair and just, remember the staff ultimately has the final say.

14) Appealing a ban
If a member has been banned, they may appeal to the staff in which we will review all warnings and general forum activity. Appeals must be written in a formal email to the staff member stating your reasons how you feel you have been misjudged and why you should be reinstated. For a member to be reinstated, at least 75% of the staff must be in agreement. If there is indecision or uncertainty, the change must not be allowed until and if a firm resolution has been made. If the member is re-admitted back into the site they will be placed on a one-strike policy for a period of 6 months (where any serious infraction or more than one official warning must not be accrued), after which the 2 oldest infractions/warnings are lifted. All appeal decisions are final.

15) Do not re-register/No ‘sock-puppets’ (duplicate accounts)
If you have been banned and you attempt to re-register, you will simply be banned again and your IP address blocked unless you have permission from a member of staff. If you already have an account and you attempt to make another (aka: ‘sock puppet’), the new account will be frozen and you will be given a warning. This only overloads the database of the forums. SEE RULE 14: Appealing A Ban if you are interested in being re-instated.

16) Welcome newcomers
Be polite and say a nice ‘Hello’ to newcomers. Their introductory threads are the place for this and to answer any questions they may have in regards to the site. For general conversations either post in the applicable threads or if none exist create one in the appropriate forum. Remember this is a community and we encourage people to have fun here and make new friends, and what better way than to reach out with a friendly welcome! It will make the site look better and you as a member may benefit too. It doesn’t take much to make a good impression and a little kindness can go a long way. 

17) Journals
Not so much a rule as it is a clarification. Journals are there for the benefit of all members who wish to create them. They are there for the sole purpose of the member to tell the rest of us about their day, to post images, song lyrics, meet up with friends and so on, and though they are monitored they are expressly there for the member to do as they wish (within site rules). Excessive swearing, vulgarity, insults, flaming etc will still warrant the usual warnings and such as the staff see fit. If you wish to leave and then come back etc your journal is the place to announce this news – you do not need to create a separate thread to announce your plans to the world as these will be considered Spam and deleted.

18) Help
Should you need assistance with anything or have seen a post you think goes against the site rules, please contact a staff member directly (with a direct quote or link to the offending post) and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you need help with the site or have further suggestions you think might help please post in the applicable SITE TALK forum. Remember don’t take matters into your own hands as further problems may develop. Please leave us, the staff, to do our job so you can get on with having fun like intended.

Last, but certainly not least:
Have fun; that is the sole purpose of this site! We encourage everyone who visits to meet and talk with new people and maybe even create a few friends while they’re here. We know the rules may seem like a lot and a bit longwinded but they are in place for a good reason. Remember we, like you, want to enjoy this site. That is why Quills was created in the first place


God Bless Us Everyone
We are a broken people living under a loaded gun

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