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Hung From The Heavens

Chapter 1

The large mansion was empty. The night was coming quickly and the large mansion that had cars packed out front of it was empty and there was not a sound to be heard in the mansion that was decked in expensive marble floors and crystal classes. The dining table had been set for two people, but neither of them were sitting at the dinner table. 
The house was on a plot of land next to a dark and gloomy cemetery where relatives had been buried alongside strangers that were once occupants of the house. The black and grey cemetery that sat on the horizon, looking down on the mansion, looked ever so frightening and intimidating. The whistling wind added an element of that intimidation as well. 
In the back of the large mansion, water could be heard running. It was coming from the main bathroom that was decked out in modern glass mirrors and had the touch of modernism added to it. Designer Bordeaux basins that sat on the Caesarstone designer vanity and someone's diamond and platinum watch that sat ticking on it. Tick, tock, the seconds hand did a clockwise rotation in front of its Mother of Pearl face.
A girl with black hair was lying in the shower with the shower curtain wrapped around her. There was a small gash on her face, as she woke up suddenly. She looked around her as she realised that she was down on the floor with the shower curtain wrapped around her. She frowned as she realised she wasn't bare and sat up. She was in a white wedding dress that was obviously wet from being drenched in the shower that was still running. She slowly got to her feet, taking her time to observe what was around her and what could've happened to her. She turned the water off and almost fell back to her feet because she felt like her knees would collapse on her. She looked down on her dress and it was smeared with red. Red what? She honestly didn't know. 
It took her a few moments to get herself back together mentally and physically. Her head was pounding probably due to the fall but why had she fallen? She didn't know. Where was she? Seemed like a bathroom to her. She carefully stepped out of the shower and went to the mirror. She stared back at herself to see a white veil in her black, stringy and wet hair. Her eyes were as green as pure emeralds newly dug out from the earth, and her face was pale, like she had seen a ghost. She took the veil out from her hair and placed it on top of the watch. And then she saw the Mother of Pearl faced watch. 
She moved her veil and picked up the watch. 
t was only quarter to nine in the morning. 
She held it in her hands and went back to looking at herself in the mirror. The small red gash on her cheek stood out quite clearly. She opened the mirror cabinet to see what was inside. Just orange bottles of drugs and toothpaste. No toothbrushes just toothpaste. She closed and detached herself from the mirror. She walked into the hallway to see it empty. Nothing was in it. Not even a piece of furniture. She had assumed that she must have just been married but who to? She continued to walk down the hallway of the deserted mansion. Her bare feet touched the cold floor and she shivered at every step that she took. 
She stopped suddenly at a window that overlooked the cemetery.
The haunted hill felt as though it was calling her to it. She closed her eyes and shook her head. It was all psychosomatic. It's not real. She opened her eyes and detached herself from viewing the intimidating grave site and continued to explore this house that she had suddenly woken up to. 
She stopped suddenly as she looked ahead and realised there was just a single door at the end of the hallway. No other doors led off that hallway and that red oak door, was the only option she had. She continued walking, as she was faced with no other option that would led her to an answer to what was happening. 
She stopped at the door and hesitated for a few seconds. She didn't know where this door led but she had to trust that it was going to led her somewhere. She gripped the rusty door handle and turn it. She let it swing open, but didn't walk through it. She just let it swing, as she realised that the door led to outside. But she didn't know where outside. What she was seeing through the door didn't match the weather that she had seen throw the window. Out the window was dark and windy. The door revealed what seemed to look like inside a cave that was lighted by flames on either side of the wall, leading down to somewhere unknown. 


God Bless Us Everyone
We are a broken people living under a loaded gun

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