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The Tourniquet Glossary

Okay, so many have read that I'm writing a sequel of books, called Tourniquet. And if you have had the chance to read some of it, I use some of my made up terms. So I've decided to organise all the terms and keep them all together, just as a safe precaution. This includes dates, terms, character analysis etc.

So I started writing tonight a character anaylsis tonight. But beware, it's not complete at the moment, because it's continuing on and there are characters that I have newly introduced in Tourniquet : Conquest which I'm still building. So what I've done, I've tried to do a good job at my analysis + a quote that I thought it would suit them. So here is what I've done so far (no order by the way). I've used quotes from both Tourniquet and Tourniquet : Conquest (see if you know them wink)


Sarah: Born into a high status family she has lived a life of luxury and knows no other life. Strong willed and set in her own ways. Determined to cleanse the world of the Old Worlders so that the New World can continue in the ways set down by her father, Jonathan. But when found to be in need of something, her ambition gets ahead of her and her senses fade. When this happens, it is easy for her guard to fall giving opportunities to other characters to take advantage of her. She was the only child of her family and has no natural maternal instincts or intentions. She hates the feeling of helplessness and this is a weakness but a strength to others. Her perception is often clouded by narcissism. She is loud, demanding, but lacks emotional resilience. Often noted as a spitting image of her father, she dresses elegantly and presents herself mostly in Gothic corsets with a colour scheme. As noted in Tourniquet : Conquest, the only man that Sarah actually loved, was Brad, one of her father's best friends and her loyal associate.
Quote: “I mean, I would love to sit around all day and play ping pong, but we’ve got a war to win.”

Bella: Born into a higher class family, Bella, or (as revealed in Tourniquet : Conquest), Isabella-Daphne, lived a life of luxury until the Japanese attack occurred. As a single mother, she lost her only child to the blast, as noted. Bella is often described as a leader not a follower, strong-willed but clumsy in who she trusts. It is noted in the story, that Bella and Draven were high school sweethearts. In Tourniquet : Conquest, she is pregnant with David's child and is in a constant blackmail with him. In later text, Bella is one of The Council members.
Quote: “What are you talking about, two-faced brat? She never had two faces, just the bratty one face of a tyrant’s that one day I am going to punch and distort that pretty face of hers.”

Ravyn: As the eldest and only Joanna, Ravyn's character is a character of focus, as personal battles mostly occur with this character. Due to her past with Spyral as an experiment, and eventually, an unknown murderer, she suffers from memory loss and relies heavily on Joanna for support. However, unlike Joanna, Ravyn is from the Old World generation. She is somewhat 'vertically challenged' and this is her main feature for her character. She battles with herself and others throughout the story. She is determined and strong-willed, but yet she relies so heavily on other characters to take care of her. In late text, Ravyn is one of The Council members.
Quote: “Look, I don’t know what is wrong with you but when I say something is something unless I tell you I’m unsure about it, I mean it, I might have some memory difficulties, Michael, but I don’t belong in a mental asylum.”

Draven: Born into a middle class family in the Old World, Draven rises to deceptive power in Tourniquet and portrays himself as the villain inside the villain. Best friend to Jonathan at the time of Sarah's birth, his title stripped of Jonathan's heir and forced to live in this shadow of Sarah. He's always noted to dress in an elegant business suit but is snide and consistently rude to his superior, Sarah, to her face and behind it. Driven by the lust for power, his character is corrupted and goes to all means to get what he wants. Draven's ego is noted in detail in Tourniquet : Conquest between Jack and David, who aren't mentioned in the Tourniquet, but they speak of him in the cruelest of words as they were all employed together. He is confrontational and blunt. It is noted that he had love interests with Bella back in their high school days, meaning that Draven would've had to come from Florida as Bella was from there as Often described as 'sadistic'. His crime of treason is eventually found out. 
Quote: “Heiresses, who don’t pay attention to what I’ve got to say, don’t live for very long.”

Mel: Mel, (or as revealed in the first chapter of Tourniquet her full name, Melissa Phoenix) was born into a middle class family. It has been noted that she was always on the move with her father until they settled down in Los Angeles (as told to Viking). Mel is known for her leader-type role in Tourniquet and her ability to jump to conclusions. Her character is a fighter and doesn't like defeat, like all good fighters don't like. Her weakness is never knowing when to back down, she's too proud.
Quote: “Hi I’m Melissa, I’m about to kick your ass.”

Fox: Born into a middle class family that was noted to have died in the Japanese attack during the New World. She was taken in by Rob at a young age. Unable to get an education she is illiterate and deals with anxiety attacks often, for she feels that society has left her out. She is mostly shy and often treated like a child from other characters, despite the fact that she is an adolescent. She is mostly recognised by her 'flaming' red hair from the other characters. She strives for a better world, mostly so she can go to school and learn how to read and one day go to college. But her bravery is her downfall.
Quote: “Why do I want to make a difference? Because I have right to make a difference because I’m an individual and I should stand by my individualism that society has stripped me of…What can I do for this project? I’m still not sure of what I can do. I’ll get back to you on that when I've figured that answer to that question is.”

David: Born into a middle class family, there isn't much known about David's past history before his employment history with Spyral. He worked at Spyral as a guard, and it is noted that David, Jack and Timothy all knew Draven. He is a womanizer and demonstrates it through out the story. He is well known for his large body build and his abdominal strength throughout Tourniquet : Conquest. He is more of a doing person than a thinking person, as Sarah once described to another character. He is a well known public figure as he owns and runs the factory where most of the Spyral supporters have sought out work and protection from The Council. As noted, David had a relationship with Holly a few years before.
Quote: "You know what I want and if I don't get it in the next fourty-eight hours I will be personally delivering that child with my bare hands and throwing it in a swamp for it to drown there, am I understood?"

Mike: Born in a middle class Japanese-American family in America, Mike is codemned for his ethnic Japanese background. Mike is strong willed and easy going, like Chaz and Jack, he is a comedian at times but at the same time, he is impatient and a strong leader. Mike throughout Tourniquet is consistently reminded of his background as he tries to dodge Spyral and the New World. It is noted that Mike had a daughter and a wife that died in his Japanese town that he was staying in at the time of the Third World War. His weakness is his inability to know when to stop, as demonstrated by the fight scene in the marketplace. However, his strength is his comic relief. Mike has noted in Tourniquet, that he had fought Sarah and this has proven to be true in later chapters when each other meet one another, for the second time.
Quote: "We can’t just stroll down there and say hey, we’re the Old Worlders that are going to kick your ass, there’s just too many of them. And oh, did I mention I’m half Japanese?”


Chaz: Born into a middle class family in the Old World, it has been noted that Chaz had a family and a wife that were slaughtered by Spyral. One thing that has to be considered about Chaz in Tourniquet, and Tourniquet : Conquest, is that in Tourniquet, he is an alcoholic and a completely different person to what he is in Tourniquet : Conquest. He's dealing with the death of Celeste (his wife) and his family in the wrong way, knows it, but doesn't do anything about it and leaves it up to other characters to pick up his mess. However, he is quite smart when he sets his mind to tasks (i.e. creating the Spyral virus). In Tourniquet : Conquest, he is sober, and he is well presented. His weakness is his ability to let his emotions overpower him while his strength is that he is physically agile and sarcastic. Along with Mike and Jack, he is known for his dry sarcastic but hilarious wit. In later text, Chaz is a member of The Council.
Quote: "We've fought for a better world and we got it. It was never promised that we would get out alive."


Yeah I know there are more characters in there that are missing, but I'll add them later on. biggrin


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