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Amberwood (short story)



They never gave much thought about what would happen ,when they moved to there new city..and home .." Amberwood , Californa " ,Jamie and Trevin are twins ..Jamie is a boy and Trevin is a girl.
though Trevin and Jamie would miss..all the woods they had owned and the horses and cows,and pigs and geese..and even the duckies...they owned...they will miss all that so much,and running around bare foot..through the mudd and ridding there horses through the woods ..and feeding the pigs there grub..and make sure the ducks are healthy and so on.

Trevin..never cared for boys..or girls...she just liked being wild..to run freely like a horse in the wild,running with teh eagles..and butterflies and storming on with a free spirit and wild heart..

Jamie ,He is more calmer...but he does enjoy a good run ever now and then , he likes a good book full of suspense and on the edge of your seat theme...he doesnt mind people..but he is very shy and a man of few words...not many people seem to get to him when they tease him..about his habits..with reading and sitting off to his own.

chapter 1
Trevin and Jamie walk into there school and glance at each other and then go on to there lockers.

People stare..some glare..and even one person snickers and said " look its the twin nerds"..Trevin glances at the girl and smiles and heads on toward her locker and jamie is walking down the hall reading " Silence of the lambs by Thomas Harris " Trevin gets to her locker...and opens it ..and places in her rock star style bag ..and takes out her neon notebooks and some pens for class and her text books...for social studies and science ..and health.

Jamie reachs his locker and places his plain canvs brown bag into his locker and places a book marker into his book and closes it and places it into his locker and takes out his blue note books and pens and his text books for his classes which are math and science and health and languge.

Trevin got a feeling as she was sitting in class of someone looking at her,when she glanced over she saw a male classmate sitting by the window staring at her..she noticed his choclate brown eyes and his rosey lips ..and beautiful slightly pale/tanned body..that matched his lips well..and his strawberry blonde hair..and she looked away back to her book to hide her blush..she never got this reaction to a male before...she didnt mind men..but sometimes she just brushed them away..cause she felt they would treat her like dirt.

The lunch bell rang..and all the others kids pushed through the door of the classrooms..and crowed the hall..and the boy that was staring at Trevin walked up to her and spoke " Hi, I'm Jess ,who are you..? Trevin stared stunned the cutest guy was speaking to her but she spoke " I am..Trevin..Nice to meet you.."

Jess smiled and he and Trevin walked to the lunch room..talking about her life back in Oklahama..Trevin" well..we had alot of animals..horses,cows,pigs..and even ducks and geese..it was amazing and we even lived near the woods and we would ride our horses up there and even..run races on foot...with my family.."

Jess smiled " sounds lovely..." Trevin smiled and walked into the lunch room .." um..would you like to sit with me and my brother..? " Jess nodded and followed Trevin to the table ..and the lunch room looked much like a hard rock cafe..and music is playing in the background lightly but enough to be heard.




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chapter 2

The following day Trevin and Jamie arrived at school...which there school is called "Amberwood high"
Trevin and Jamie walked inside the school,there was a different feel to the school..the schoolmates seemed
different..accepting of Trevin and Jamie ..all the sudden..but Trevin she shook it off.

Jamie go to his locker and entered his code and opend his locker and placed his book in his locker,
he placed his plain brown canvs bag in his locker and took out his typical items,text books /notebooks
and pens and closed his locker and reset his locker lock and headed to his home room which is math.

Trevin arrived to her locker and unlocked it and placed her bag into her locker and took out her punk rock
notebooks and pens and her text books..for her classes...Trevin seemd happy..her home room class is art
she enjoys art...she likes the way you can express yourself through pictures and words..and even music.

Jess came up beside Trevin..it turns out both there lockers are next to each other...Jess smiled at Trevin
and placed his small messenger bag of Otep in his locker...and took out his notebooks which has music
notes on them,and his pens and his text books,and shut his locker and reset his locker lock and leaned on his
locker and stared at Trevin.

Trevin " Hey,Jess , how are you..? "
Jess " I am good, and you Trevin..?"
Trevin" I'm Great ,are you sure your okay..?"
Jess " Yes,why do you ask..? "
Trevin" well you look Extreamly tired like your yearning for something"
Jess " oh,well I thirsty for some Milk.."
Trevin " Oh,I see" Trevin giggled at Jess and playfully nudged him in the arm
Jess" hey,watch it..your stronger then you think..you goofball.."
Trevin" Well good..will teach the boys not to play with me.."

Both Jess and Trevin just laughed as they walked to there home room class .

The art teacher spoke " Okay,Today we are going to draw out a object that are in our world this very time and past times,
and that Object you pick..is the one item you will work with for the year and thats all..till next year.." everyone sighed but
Trevin and Jess were excited for the yearly project.

Trevin raised her hand..the teacher picked on her " Mr,parker,will we be graded on this project..?
Mr Parker " yes..you will be graded on the yearly project..so i suggest you work hard and try very hard to mold your Item into
something with meaning and passion "
Everyone sighed and glanced at Trevin .

Jess snickered slightly...and Mr,Parker passed around a hat with pieces of papers with things such as cars/trees/cats/birds and
other wonderful items in teh world to do.its amazing how beautiful the earth can be when you look at the way it was many years before
cars and trains and planes and bombs and guns..its sad to how the world ended up to be..after so many years..

Trevin reached into the hat and pulled out a piece of paper and it reads " elements " , Trevin nearly Squealed when she saw she got
elements..but she contained herself..and the by the end the time class was over the last person got the last piece of paper which is
" Hair" he groaned and the bell rang..

Jess jumped up and walked to Trevin and everyone pushed out toward the lunch room and Jess leaned to Trevin and kissed her cheek
and blushed and headed out of the class room and Trevin stood there for a sec shocked but grabbed her books and ran after Jess .

Trevin " Jess,dont be shy about the kiss.."
Jess" but we are becoming friends..and I dont wanna ruin our possible friendship"
Trevin" Jess,its just a kiss....dont worry so much "
Jess " Okay "

Jess and Trevin proceed to the table Jamie is sitting at reading his book while eating.

End of chap 2




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Chapter 3

The Following Night ,Jess Calls Trevin..she had given him her number the third day of lunch..and he
finally called Trevin.

Jess " Hey,is Trevin there..? "
Trevin " Hey,Jess ,how are you..?"
Jess " how did you know I called ..? and I am good "
Trevin" oh ,Caller ID ,and I am good aswell.."
Jess" thats good..um wanna study for science..this sunday..?"
Trevin" YES! "
Jess" well, I think I just went deaf in one ear.." *he chuckles"
Trevin " you turd, but yes I would love to "
Jess" your a goofball..and I like that in a Girl.."
Trevin" I've always known you had feelings for me since we first met..but lets take it slow
Friends for awhile...and if it works out..we can try dating..k..?
Jess" Okay! "

*trevins mom shouts" Dinner!" *

Trevin" oh,shoot..Jess i gotta go ..dinner is ready and I bet you heard my mother"
Jess" that I did...enjoy your dinner...Trev"
Trevin" bye.."
Jess" Bye"

*both Jess and Trevin hang up at the same time*

Trevin and Jamie walk to the table...and their mom is setting the food down on the table,Trevin
glances to the chair there father would be sitting at and Jamie sits down and Trevin sits down aswell

Trevin" Mom"
Mary" yes..?"
Trevin" when is dad coming back..?"
Mary " hun,thats not a table Discussion.."
Jamie" trevin,please dont upset mother.."
Trevin" i miss him,its not the same without him.."
Jamie" he has been what,gone since you and I were born.."
Trevin" He gives a crap..but doesnt know about us.."
Mary" enough!,just eat and be thankful"

Both Jamie and trevin glance at there mother and nod and began to eat...but secretly
Trevin hurts inside..missing a father figure...she thinks Jamie and her mother doesnt seem to care
that there is no father figure in the household. Once dinner was over with,Trevin went to her room..she
got the den down in the basement...she likes it...cause its slightly cold and quiet..and peaceful.
and she can get most her work done..when she studies.

Trevin takes out a notebook..and begans to journal..about how it feels to not have a father or even
know if her father is alive or anything of the wereabouts of her father.she hears her bedroom door open and its Jamie

Trevin" hi"
Jamie" why must you be obessed with our father..?"
Trevin"i just want answers.."
Jamie" what if those answers end up being the worst of most things in the world'
Trevin " I just want to see what he has to say"
Jamie" Drop it Trevin..or you will end up in hurt "

Trevin narrowed her eyes,confused..but she shrugs when Jamie leaves...and journals about there 50 second conversion
She went onto draw abit of her art project,she begins with drawing water that slowly turns into ice and the ice slowly turns
into fire and the fire slowly turns into wind..blowing through a women on a island in the middle of nowhere in the ocean
who is lost in teh elements.

end of chap 3

Chapter 4

6 Am arrived like the wind blowing on a summers noon,Trevin awoke from her alarm..
she stretchs and gets out of bed realizing today is friday...she rushs to the bathroom
turning on teh shower to hot and rushs by just washing her hair and arm pits,and tosses on
a pair of sweat pants and a white musle tank top,and a few rubber jelly bracelets,that are blue.

She packs her bag with her text books and notebooks,and pens..and her cd player..and slips on
her vans that are checkered..and she rushs upstairs to the kitchen and grabs a piece of toast and runs
to the front door with her bag and runs out the door and to the school bus,stop..and realizes she missed the
bus.She runs the long 2 miles to school...and she walks into the school ,nearly out of breath..and runs to her locker.

Jamie pass's Trevin with a glance that could stop someone cold in there mind.Trevin watchs him head to his
homeroom,she fumbles with her locker..and finally gets it open..and puts her bag in and takes out her notebooks
and text books..and runs all the way to her art class after closing her locker and locking it.

Mr,parker watchs Trevin enter his class room.."your late,Trevin..sit down please ",Trevin swallowed and sat down in
the back in the only open seat .she sets down her notebooks and text books.She stares at her notebooks..seeming
lost in thoughts today,unlike normally she is doodling during class.

Jess watchs Trevin from his seat,worried..about Trevin..for one she never has been late..or even seemed not
there in her mind. He plans to atleast find out why Trevin seems sad .

Mr,Parker calls on Trevin.." Trevin.."
Trevin *staring at her books"
Mr,Parker" Trevin!"
Trevin *jumps* "um yes..?"
Mr,Parker " can you tell us what the purpose of art is..?"
Trevin" um yes,the purpose of art is for passion and expressing yourself."
Mr,Parker"thank you "

Jess..now even more worried about Trevin...

Soon the bell rings and the other kids rush out of the room and Jess he walks to Trevin..and sits by her..placing his hand on hers

Jess"are you okay..?"

she stands and collects her books and heads out of the room,Jess follows..and stops Trevin and holds her in his arms resting his
head on her head.

Jess whispers"I'm here as a friend,Trevin"

They both stay like this for a few minutes then he lets her go and they head to the lunch room..and Trevin goes and gets her
lunch tray..and when she does she pays and heads to the table she and Jess and Jamie sit it all the time.

While Trevin is walking to the table..Jess talks to Jamie

Jess" Jamie,Why is Trevin sorta out of it..?"
Jamie"she is lonely..and hates not having a father figure.."

this comes to a shock to Jess...but he remains silent about it.and Trevin sits down and begins to eat.
and she glances at Jamie then Jess..as if she knew something was going on..

Trevin" Jamie..I'll be late for dinner....I have somewhere Important to go "
Jamie nods..and Jess becomes Curious.

Trevin stands up and picks up her books and heads to her locker...and when she gets to her locker she opens it after
unlocking it...and places her text books inside her locker and notebooks and just grabs her bag and shuts her locker
and locks it and runs down the halls and pass the bathrooms that smell highly of urine and crap...she pushs her way out the doors
of the school and gets to a city bus stop.and waits for the bus..soon the bus arrives and Trevin gets on it ..and waits the 15-20 minutes
ride to where she needs to go.

end of chap 4




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Chapter 5

Trevin Arrives at her location..and steps off the bus..and slowly walks to the appartment building
and walks inside..stunned by its look...its elegant...but soft and beautiful inside..it has old style
paintings painted to the walls..framed poetry...books mounted on the walls...and the desk with
the manger ..is nothing like other Appartments.

Trevin walks up to the desk and speaks..

Trevin" sir..I'm looking for um...Adam dutchman.."
Manger" ah,Mister dutchman...he is floor 2 ,his appartment number is 10B..may I ask who is looking for him..?"
Trevin" his daughter"

This catchs the manger by surprise...but he nods..and Trevin walks up the stairs to floor 2..and looks for the number
she was given...she finds it..but her nervously..knocks on the door...soon there is a shout coming from within..it seems
surprised ,someone is at the door this early..even though its 10 am.

Adam he opens the door...and see's Trevin..

Adam"shouldnt you be in school..kid"
Trevin"yes..but I am looking for you..."
Adam"and why would you be looking for me..?"
Trevin" cause your my father.."
Adam"um...are you sure..?"
Trevin"yes..my mother is Mary hill...when I and my brother were in the womb..you and her were married.."
Adam"Come in..come in..."

Trevin steps into Adam's appartment..she notices the floor is tile...the walls a maroon color..there is no tv..
no stereo...no computer...just a desk..with a type writer...a couch a chair..and table for two..and a counter top
to sit at...Adam seems nervous...he doesnt know how to explain why he hasnt been in their lives..

he doesnt even know how to even explain himself...

Adam"why did you want to find me..?"
Trevin" I wanted to know why you were never in our lifes.."
Adam" its complictated"
Trevin" I' ve got time.."
Adam" I am on business alot......"
Trevin" your lying.....if you been on business all this time...you would of called...or tried to stop by,if you were in town..you didnt
do a damn thing damn it...you just let us grow up....without father"
Adam" I am a not someone you want as a father..."
Trevin" Tell me,why not"
Adam" the weeks before you and your brother were born....I was nearly dying for it.....I bought some drugs..and I nearly risked your mothers
life driving her to the hospital...I got arrested...and charged with Reckless driving...and I got 5 years in prison...and your mother ,afraid of another
Accident nearly happening...got a Restraining order against me...and I' ve been clean since then.."
Trevin" I understand..thank you...for telling me the truth.."

Trevin leaves Adam's appartment...and places her hood to her jacket up over her face..tears falling down her face...
she leaves the building and walks the way home..knowing she probly wont be home in time for dinner but to her ..she dont mind
she knows her mother will be mad at her anyway.

by the time 6 Pm rolls around...Trevin just sat in the park near a neighborhood...and sat there from the talk with her dad...to now..
unaware that her mother is worried...and Jess is out looking for her...and Jamie worried aswell..even cops are out looking for her..
as her mother stressed "She may of found her father...she could be anywhere..injuried or gone.."

Jess drives past the park but then realized he saw Trevin..and backed up and went into the parking lot..and jumped out of the still
running car..and ran to Trevin..and felt her face..feeling the coldness of her skin..He took off his jacket and placed it around her..


Trevin moved her eyes to Jess....then away...

Jess"Trev..come on lets go ...your mom and brother are worried...and your mom sent cops out looking for you.."

Trevin stood and Jess walked with her to his car..and helps her into the front seat and buckle her in..and he goes around
the car to the drivers side and slides in and shuts his door and backs out slowly and heads back to Amberwood...with Trevin

Jess " Trev..if you got answers...about your dad...dont let them...ruin you okay..?"

All Trevin did was nod.

End of chap 5




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Chapter 6

Jess pulled up to Trevin's house ,after the 20 minute drive to her house,Mary ran out of the house in tears,and she paused when she saw Trevin...with the emotionless...look to her..

Mary " Trevin..?"

she got no Response from Trevin , though Jess spoke

Jess " I am not sure,why she isnt responding .."
Mary " I think she found out why she never had her father in her life"
Jess"I sure hope she will be fine..."
Mary" I to hope so.."

Mary walked with Trevin into the house ..and Trevin just walked away to her room...and Jamie watched as his distraught sister...walked to her room...not even concerned she might be hungry
or thristy..or cold...from being outside since 10 am this morning to the time Jess found Trevin...at the park.

Trevin sat her on bed....and stared at the wall..playing the converstion with her father in her head..
wondering why her mother never told her the truth.She glanced around her room...and saw her pain pills for her knee....when Trevin was only 6 years old...she injuried her knee badly and she now and then gets Intense knee pain.

Though she stood..and walked to the bottle of Vicodin..and she stared at it..she touched the cap..
she glanced next to it at the blade she uses to split the pill in half when her pain isnt bad..enough to need a whole pill....she stares at the blade..she touchs the side..and sits down at the table with the pills and blade....and glances to her door...then to the table..then to the photo of her mother..with their father...and She picks up the photograph in its frame and throws it across her room allowing it to hit the brick wall in her room ,smashing the glass..and it clatters to the floor.

Trevin turns her attention back to the table with her medication and the blade..she debates wither
to attempt...or to relieve what she is feeling..inside ...and all the rushing thoughts flowing through her mind about everything she has ever been told about her father.

She always had a glass of water down in her room...she opens the bottle of Pain pills...and a handful pours out into her hand...she places them into her mouth and picks up the glass of water and swallows....she then goes to her bed and lays down with her music blaring...its her favorite song that is "Moonlight sonata By Ludwig Beethoven"...and she feels the effect of the Od of pills.

She finds she is having trouble breathing and subcoming to sleep...and lays there slipping into acoma..and her breathing gets harder to breath..and her skin becomes cold..

Jamie figured since its been about an hour since Trevin got home and he goes to check on Trevin and he walks to her bedroom door and opens it and walks down noticing her pain pills bottle is open and on teh floor and nothing is in it..and he runs faster then he has ever ,down the stairs to Trevin on her bed..and he shakes her softly shouting "Trevin"..he gets no response and quickly runs to the phone on Trevin's desk and calls 911..and tells them his sister Overdosed on Vicodin..and he doesnt know when she took the overdose.

Within about 20 minutes Ambulence arrives and Mary answered the door and she becomes shocked at the news and the Parimedics rush down to Trevin's room and immeditally work on Trevin...they intervene her breathing with a tube..and they place her on the gurny and they move as quickly as they can and once they get to the top of Trevin's room they place the wheels of the bed down and roll Trevin out ..and the other Paramedic is gentle squeezing the balloon that gives Trevin air...and she is rushed to the hospital..for further Medical Attention...and a psych evalution..when she comes to..and is able to talk.

End of chap 6

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Chapter 7

The next 3 days,Trevin remains in acoma...only by the 11 pm mark..awake to a dimly lit room
to the sounds of the air pump by her..and she see's the iv lining that she follows the tube to her hand.
she lays there shocked...wondering how her mother or brother or even Jess will forgive her..for her stupidity.

Jess walks in since he went to get some water and use the rest room he notices that Trevin is awake..and he goes to her
side..and sits by her..and holds her hand..and they stare into each others eyes..and Jess whispers "I forgive you..Trev" he
kisses the back of her hand ..then her finger tips..."we all do..".

Tears fall down from Trevin's eyes...and she lays there with her hand intwined with Jess's hand,soon Jess moves to Trevin's
side by laying beside her..holding her in his arms gently..."it will all be okay,Trev..it will...",Trevin thinks about why she even
let the converstion between her father and her get to her so much..or maybe its the fact her mother lied to her several times about
her father..and why he never came around ..anymore.

Jess wipes her tears away..and hums Fur elise by Bethooven..to Trevin...and holds her..even though she remains awake
in his arms..

by the time 5 am rolls around..Mary and Jamie walk into Trevin's room to find Jess and Trevin asleep in each other's
arms...Mary smiles slightly..knowing Jess is perfect for Trevin..Jamie sits on the chair by the window..looking out
to the mountains to watch the sun come up....Mary gently taps Jess who awakes...to the touch..and glances at Mary
and smiles..and he taps Trevin slightly and she wakes to see her mother...Sometime during the night ..the nurses and doctors
removed Trevin's tube..and Iv.

Mary" hey,baby.."
Trevin" hi, mom"
Jess"hey,Mary and hi Jamie"
Jamie"hi,Jess...and hi Trevin..."
Mary" I was so worried we'd lost you hun.."
Trevin" I should be fine,mom..dont worry so much"

Jess and Trevin sat up..and Mary sat by the bed..and Jamie of course is reading his book..in the corner..and he
glances up at the sun rising over the tops of the mountains..bringing light into the world...as if life was just born..

The psych is notifyed that Trevin is awake..and able to talk..and he makes his way to Trevin's room...to talk with her
in private about why she tried to kill herself...and if she feels safe to go home..to her mom's ...soon the Psych arrives to
Trevin's room and softly speaks..

Dr,Koski " hello,I'm doctor koski...i'm here to speak with Trevin..and I'm from the Psych floor of the hospital"
Mary"um why did they send you and not the doctor..?"
Dr,Koski " I am here to evaluate ,Trevin's mental status..to see if she is not a danger to herself or others.."
Mary" I understand..Jess..Jamies ..come lets get breakfast.."

Jess ,Jamies and Mary leave the room..and shut the door...and Dr,Koski sits in the chair by Trevin's bed and takes out
his clip board with the papers on it ..and begins to speak..

Dr,Koski " hello,Trevin..I am gonna ask you some questions ..and I'd like you to answer as best as you can okay..?"

Trevin nodded..

Dr,koski " why did you try to kill yourself..?"
Trevin" I wasnt thinking...I had alot of emotions and thoughts running through my head...after I returned from getting
answers from my father who hasnt been in my life for 16 years..''
Dr,koski " thats a start..do you feel safe to go home..?"
Trevin" I wont lie...I want to kill my mother inside...by her losing me...cause she lied so much about why
my father never was in our lifes.."
Dr,Koski"so you feel that if you go home you will hurt yourself or someone ..?"
Dr,Koski" okay..do you think it would be safer to be on our Adolsent ward for childern who are needing help..?"
Trevin" I dont know..."
Dr,Koski " okay..well I have need you to fill out these papers..they are permission to be admited to our facility..and gives us
permission to bill your Insurence..and contact your parents if something were to happen.."

Trevin nods and fills out the lines ,that dr,koski points to..

Dr,Koski " thank you,Trevin..for allowing us to try and help you..."
Trevin " is it scary in the facility..?"
Dr,Koski" not really.."
Trevin " thank you "

Dr,koski leaves and Jess and Jamie and Mary step into the room..and Jess goes and sits by Trevin ..and Jamie in the corner
chair and Mary sitting in the chair by Trevin's bed..

Mary" what did he want..?"
Trevin" mom I am gonna stay longer...its really needed...''
Mary "What!?!?!?"
Trevin" I need help mom...I am not well..in my head..."
Mary " This is Forbidden...No child of mine is staying in some looney bin.."
Trevin" Mom!?!"
Mary" then you can never return home..when you leave this bin your going to.."

Trevin stared at her mom in disblief of what she is hearing....

Mary"Jamie lets go.."

Trevin curls up ..crying as her mother and brother walk out of the room and to leave the hospital.

end of chap 7




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Chapter 8

Dr,Koski walked the 5 minutes to Trevin's room..where he finds her and Jess sitting infront of each other,talking
Trevin seems more sad then when he last spoke to her...though she is still in the hospital part ,of amberwood County

Dr,Koski " Trevin,its time...and Jess can come with us..and walk you with me to the door and then I will follow you
into the Faclility,and a female nurse will do a Skin check ...and she will explain it all to you..okay..and then you will
be explained the level's of the Facility...and why we have our Patiants...with level's..and we also allow school work
to be done here.."
Trevin"okay,thank you..for offering me this help.."
Dr,Koski" your welcome,Trevin.."

For the 5 minutes..they walk to the Amberwood Psychiratic facility...Jess and Trevin hold hands..but she is neverous
about her mom not accepting her back home..worried she might be mad that he dad wont even attempt to accept her..
worried about being homeless...and going hungry and panhandling for money to get food..or something to eat or worried
about having to dig through trashcans..for food.

Trevin,Dr,Koski and Jess reach the doors to the Aldolencets facility..and Jess kisses Trevin on the lips gently and whispers
into her ear " you are loved,and no matter what I am here for you.." Trevin smiled...softly and went with Dr,Koski to the intake
area of the ward..two female nurses are sitting in the room...with a piece of paper that as a Diagram of a body on it..for front and back

Dr,koski left the room shutting the door..the first female nurse Cathy spoke..

Cathy " hey ,Trevin...this is the skin check..part..okay we are going to ask you to take off your shirt and pants..but can leave on
your underwear and bra on..cause we are only checking for cuts or burns or bruising ,that you could of done yourself..okay..?
Trevin " I understand.."

Trevin removes her sweat pants and tank top..and Cathy begins to expect her body for any bruises or cuts or burns..or scabs
of any sort..Cathy notices a bruise on her upper shoulder..and the middle of her back...the other nurse ..Rachel..is marking down
on the body diagram ..of what they are finding...and Cathy finds a bruise on her hips and her neck..and her thighs..

Cathy " Trevin.."
Trevin" yes..?"
Cathy" how did you get all these bruises..?"
Trevin " mom's boyfriend..."
Cathy " has he ever been..made you uncomfortable..?"
Trevin " yes.."

Rachel is marking this down aswell...for the Doctor and her therapist..to see and know how to treat Trevin..and to find out
what her mental status is ..

Cathy soon stumbles apon a burn mark..that looks like a burn by a cigar..and a minor cut that doesnt appear inflicted by
Trevin herself.

Cathy " Trevin..does your mom's hurt you...? "
Trevin " yes.."
Cathy " okay..our skin check part is over you can dress now.."

Trevin puts on her pants and tank top..and sits down...waiting for more questions by Cathy or Rachel....Rachel leaves the room
leaving Cathy and Trevin to talk..and figure out what she wants to do with her treatment plan.

Cathy " Trevin,what do you wish to happen here to help you with your recovery..?"
Trevin" focus on the problems that seem more server then others...and learn coping skills to keep from hurting myself.."
Cathy" thats good....what would you want to happen out of the sessions /groups with the therapist's..?"
Trevin" learn to speak up for myself..and learn to talk things out...then hold them in"
Cathy" good..thats good Trevin..the intake is over now...I will show you ,your room "

Cathy shows Trevin around the ward..and introducting her to the other patients.

end of chap 8




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Chapter 9

Tamara..walked over to Trevin who is sitting in the corner chair and is looking outside the window
Tamara holds an orange out to Trevin,she glances at the orange and gently takes it..and nods to her roomate..

Tamara " its not so scary here..its a place for help from our selfs.."
Trevin" I know...thank you for the orange ,Tam"
Tamara"your welcome "

she strolls along dancing as if she were on stage doing a show...sadly Tamara was highly underweight she never really ate..a thing...but she was trying,and Trevin could see that she was
trying hard to eat more then a bite..or two.

Tamara was beautiful..she has long thin hair thats a amberish red with golden blond highlights,and her hair is its natural hair color,her skin is a light mocha tan color..its her natural color and she is thin ,her bones stick out but she is slowly gaining weight,she reverted to starving herself of food cause her father would sneak into her bedroom at night and he is in jail and awaiting trial for his
sentence to jail.

Trevin she is thin,normal weight her skin color is a slightly pale ,her hair is a chocolate brown but its beautiful it has natural red highlights to it,her face is beautiful its almost like looking at an angel,she seems flawless but she has her flaws.

Kadie walks up to Trevin..and nudges her slightly with her hand...Trevin glances to Kadie..and
she points to the visitor's area..Trevin smiled and stood and walked to the Vistor's area..and Jess
was standing in the room..and Trevin hugged him from behind and he turned and smiled and kissed her..

Jess " hey,how ya feelin..?"
Trevin " okay...first morning here...i've yet to see the doctor.."
Jess " you will do good I know you will.."
Trevin" have you spoken to my mom..?"
Jess" she thinks being in a facility like this is a dishonor to her family..and she still wont allow you back"
Trevin looks down and speaks" I see"
Jess lifts her face up to his and speaks " dont let her get to you,she is just confused and doesnt know what to think right now..." he kisses Trevin ..

for the rest of Jess's visit they sat on the couch and cuddled and Jess hummed Fur elise by Beethoven..to Trevin...for the remaining time..

The 10 minutes of visiting with Jess is up and Jess kisses Trevin..and speaks..

Jess" I'm only a call away,Trev...okay..?"

Trevin nodded and left the visiting room and Jess was excorted off the ward..and Trevin went to her room..and sighed not sure what to make of her mother...she knows she disappointed her mother..but being a dishonor to the family she couldnt bare being that...a disgrace like a fallen angel...she slowly peeled the orange with her fingers and ate each piece one by one..for the time

end of chap 9

Chapter 10

A few day's have pasted ,and Trevin is finally with the doctor to work out her Treatment
plan..and to over look her file and figure out if ,Trevin needs medication or just intensive

Dr,Lina " Hello,Trevin...I am Dr,Lina..I will be working with you...about your treatment plan and
your goals for when you live our facililty"
Dr,Lina"what do you feel you need done for treatment..?"
Trevin"groups..learning coping skills and to learn when its okay to have alone time.."
Dr,Lina"those are good goals for your treatment plan...what do you think you might have in Psych illness"
Trevin" depression,self esteem issues and bodyly harm to myself"
Dr,Lina" I have placed depression and self esteem and self harmer..on your file..and I think it might
be a good idea to do intensive therapy...which I think would do some good...so you dont have to be on
Medications for your whole life "
Trevin"I am willing to do anything...to help myself...Doc"
Dr,Lina"tomorrow...you will start your one on one Therapy session..with our speciaist..her name is
Sade Goodman...she is really good...and this therapy is intensive.."
Trevin"thank you..Doc"
Dr,Lina"you may go..now...and I'd like you to be in almost every group we do here..okay..?"

Trevin nods and stands and walks out of the office and goes to the day room in the Ward..and sits
in the corner chair..and picks up the a book and opens it ..without knowing the name of the book she
keeps reading...and realizes she is reading the " Holy bible" and she is fasinated by the wordings and how
Jesus gave his life for us..and she gets sucked into the stories and scripts...and hours have passed..when her
roommate places her hand on trevin's shoulder...Trevin glances up at Tamara.

Tamara"its lunch time.."
Trevin" oh..what time is it.."
Tamara"11:30 am...we are getting ready for lunch Trev.."
Trevin"thanks Tam.."

Trevin shuts the bible and heads to the line for those who can go the lunch room at the facility...Soon the Behavorial techs
say we heading out...and we follow in a single line toward the Cafe` area.....Trevin seems sad...almost to the point of not
wanting to eat..but she also doesnt get much to eat either..but she eats what she got..Tamara sat by Trevin..and glanced at her

Tamara"all you gonna eat..?"
Trevin"my mom hates me...she thinks I am a disgrace to the family...but I am just not hungry much.."
Tamara" Trev..dont go down the road I have...its not pleasent...I've had many hospital stays cause of it..I've nearly
died cause of my Eating problem...and I'd hate to see you end up at the point.."
Trevin" thanks for caring...I got therapy tomorrow and I am gonna go to group today.."
Tamara" Thats! great Trev..I'm glad.."
Trevin" thanks Tam.."

within the hour lunch is done ..as there is only 13 people off Trevin's ward in the lunch room..and everyone is lined up to
return to the ward...for the mean time till dinner.

there is a white board...that reads " Supportive group for Abuse victims @ 1:30 pm ",Trevin becomes nervous..as she
never really thought she was being abused but she decided to go anyway..and listen ...and may say a few words..

end of chap 10




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Chapter 11

Trevin was watching the clock...waiting till it struck 1:30 Pm , so she can go to the group..and see
if how her mother treated her...was sorta abusive,and the fact her father never even tried to see her
or even attempt it.

The clock struck 1:30 and the therapist arrived..and sat in her chair and the techs of the ward
rounded up those who wanted to be in the group to go sit in the the meeting room,Trevin stood
and walked to the room..and sat in the corner chair looking up through the strings of her chocolate
brown hair,at all those walking in chattering among each other. And sitting in the chairs in the room
with there notebooks and folders with other groups they have been to ,though Judawn glanced at
Trevin. she looked away to the floor.

Since Trevin has been here..she has been distanting herself from her mother and brother,and she
sometimes wishs her father to die a horrible death,She sighed..and the group started.

Ms,Kate " Okay,Today I'm the therapist of Today's group...would anyone like to start about
some form of abuse they may of suffered as a child or teenager..?"
Judawn raises his hand ..and Ms,kate "Ok,wanna talk about it Judawn..?"
Judawn"My parents when I was 5 years old divorced and my mom took it out on me,she would hit me
and sometimes refuse to feed me,and sometimes if she found out I ate something she didnt want me to
have she force me to throw up..or she would burn me with her cigars..and sometimes she would lock me away
for days with no bathroom or food or light...and she called me a worthless waste that should of died in the womb"

Trevin glanced up slightly at Judawn feeling pity for him yet sad..for what he had to deal with..for so long
She raised her hand ..and Kate called on her...

Trevin"didnt anyone try to help you,get out of what your mother was putting you through..?"
Judawn"no,took them months till bout a year till I got taken away"
Trevin" I am sorry , you went through that.."
Ms,Kate"Trevin..did you ever suffer abuse..?"
Trevin"what classifyes as abuse..?"
Ms,Kate"abandonment,pshyical,sexual,emotional "
Trevin" my mother refused to tell me my father was alive..she never seemd to care I hurting,
sometimes her boyfriends she bring over..would hurt me..and she do nothing..and just would say
if you were good,they wouldnt hurt you.."

Tamara sat there stunned by what Trevin revealed...

Trevin" she never cared about me...sometimes I'd rather be dead ..then be alive..."
Ms,Kate" Trevin,its brave talking about it..that is a big step to healing.."

Trevin stood without a word and walked from the room..to the phone area..and she dialed her
mom's number...it rang and rang and rang...and Mary finally answered.

Mary "hello..?"
Trevin"its me mom,Trevin.."
Mary" what do you want..?"
Trevin" you make me sad,you make me wanna die...you are the reseason I hate myself and life..I am thanking
you for making me who I am...and if I died...it would be your fault..for what you put me through"

Trevin hung up before her mother could respond and she walked to her room and sat in the chair in her room,in the corner
and stared out the window at the clouds moving and tree's blowing in the breeze..and the squirrels in the tree's seeming friendly
seeming unafraid..she looked down to the floor closing her eyes,having flash backs...to the first night her mom's boyfriend hurt her

When Trevin opend her eyes,Tamara was sitting on her bed staring at her..with worry on her face and in her eyes..Tamara
went to Trevin and stood her up and hugged her tight.

Tamara whispered "Its okay,Trev...you dont need to feel like dying with me around.."
Trevin broke down crying in Tamara's arms and wraped her own arms around Tamara's back...just sobbing
into her shoulder...Tamara sat down in the chair with Trevin and just held her..there with comfort and caring

For the rest of the time till dinner,Tamara held Trevin..and they were called for dinner,and Trevin and Tamara
stood and headed out of the room and down the hall to the line waiting for dinner..and then to spend the rest of the
night watching movies and playing games...while Trevin sits off to the corner with a book or magazine..or with nothing
and staring out the window..alone.

end of chap 11




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Chapter 12

Trevin has been in the Hospital for week,and she is starting to show Provement, and is by the doctor ready to leave the ward and hospital...and she then slams the brakes in her mind,spinning about within her thoughts..and inside her head she is screaming " My own mom wont let me return"
is running through her mind..but she manges to focus. while her doctor speaks to her

Dr,Koski " Hello,Trevin,glad to see your doing better.."
Trevin"Thank you...."
Dr,Koski "what do you plan to do when you leave ,our faciltiy..?"
Trevin"Go back home,and get into Outpatient therapy..and if I have any set backs call a crisis line or a hotnumber for people who need someone to talk to when they got no one else.."
Dr,Koski"good plan..who are you going to stay with..?"

Trevin feels flush,hot warm..sticky from sweat..thinking to her self.." She knows.. "

Trevin " um stay with Jess..for awhile to let my mom think things through.."
Dr,Koski" thats good ,to think of your mothers well being..and to get your self worked out
and be with someone who cares about you.."
Trevin"thank you ,again doc..."
Dr,Koski " do you know when Jess is gonna pick you up..?"
Trevin" he is only 5 minutes from here....he should be here soon.."
Dr,Koski " okay..sounds good..."

Trevin stands and walks to her room to pack her things and then to sign the discharge papers..and the papers for her meds..and she is surprised her insurence paid for her stay here....once done she waited outside for Jess.

Jess pulls up in his black 360 spider convertible..with a 300 horse power and a engine that runs smoothly,he had his top down to his car,and Trevin put her bag in the back..and her mini backpack..with her in the front with her papers and climbed into his car,and smiled softly at his face.

Jess " missed ya,babe.."
Trevin" missed you to,Jess"

he kissed her and drove off..and he put on his favorite radio station which is 103.9 THE EDGE...he always loved his punk/indie style music..Trevin for no reseason started laughing...Jess smiled and placed on his sunglasses..while they drove to Trevin's house so she could get some of her clothing and hygine..items.

When they reached Trevin's house he decided to wait outside and Trevin got out of the car,and walked to the front door and used hte spare key to get in..which shocked her to find out it still workd and she ran up the stairs to her bedroom,and got her suitcase and started tossing her clothing into the bag,when her mom walked in..Trevin glanced up at her mom..who had blood shot eyes..and swollen red eyes probly from crying..Trevin's mom spoke.

Mary "Trevin,please stay.."
Trevin" no mom,you said it yourself...I am a disgrace..and Its not healthy for me here.."
Mary" please..I miss you..."

Trevin scoffed shaking her head.." mom your not healthy to me...I've been so blind..I was so ugh..to even notice what was happening to me through my life was abuse..and I see now that it has affected me greatly.."

Mary slightly shouted" Trevin..Dont Do This..!"
Trevin screamed at her mom " No it will only result in my death!?!?! you hear me..?"

Trevin zipped her bag closed and rushed past her mother,running down the stairs..trying not to let this conversion get to her and she left the house,and got to Jess's car and set her suit case in the back of his car and she got in and they drove off into the setting sun..and her mother collapsed to the floor sobbing into her hands...knowing reality has bit her in the butt.

End of chap 12




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Chapter 13

Trevin and Jess got to his house , and Jess helped Trevin bring her stuff into his house
and up to the spare room..upstairs.

Jess " this will be your room,for the mean time..Trev.."
Trevin looks at the bed.." thank you,Jess.."
Jess ruffles Trevin's hair" no worries..Trev.."

Jess left Trevin..to hang her clothing and what she gathered up..and to be put in the spare bathroom
for the mean time..

Trevin's mom is still on the floor by Trevin's room sobbing...hating her actions toward her daughter
Jamie leans against the oppist wall ..and softly spoke.

Jamie " now see why,she left us...cause your such a B**ch..Mom...you dont get anything..
you have treated us like crap...not really caring bout our bruises and the scars you cant see.
you are selfish...and not a good parent...Trevin and I are almost 18..and We plan to do something good with our life...then Turn into you and dad...mom....be thankful for being a selfish person."

Mary sat there in shock ,by Jamie's words...and He walked away to his room..

Trevin sat on the bed in the room she is staying in ...and sighed...softly...wondering why
her mother is the person she is today....She used her cell and called her mom.

The phone at the Hill House rang and rang and rang..and Mary answered..the phone.

Mary " hello..?"
Trevin " Hi mom.."
Mary seeming slightly excited " Trev,baby..how are you?"
Trevin" I'm fine mom,but um...I am going to move in with Jess..and I'll be coming over
tomorrow to gather my other belongings...I am sorry mom...but I cant risk my mental health
for you..anymore..."
Mary tears falling down her cheeks " I..I..I understand..."
Trevin" I am very sorry if I am hurting you..by my new healthy choices.."
Mary " its okay.."

Trevin hung up and Mary hung up ..and Mary went to her room and laid on her bed crying into her

The following morning...Trevin arrived with Jess to her mom's house and walked in by using the spare key ..and went to her room...and got her other suit cases and packed the rest of her things into them...clothing and shoes and other items...and hygine..and notebooks..and even packed her
favorite bedding..and stuff animals...and then Jess helped Trevin bring her things up stairs and then the two..walked out of the house to his car and placed the cases and boxes into his car.

Trevin walked into her house to her mom..and kneeled to her mom..

Trevin.." Mom I really do love you..but inorder for us to talk and hang out...you need help.."
Mary" I understand."

Trevin walked away with that said ...and got into Jess's car and they drove away heading to his house.

end of chap 13




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Chapter 14

Adam had recieved a concerned call from his brother
concerning Mary..and that its important he comes as soon
as possible...to Mary's house.

Jamie had left for school, he arrived to his locker..and placed his
bag into his locker..and took out his text books..and headed off to
class after locking his locker.

Trevin passed by Jamie ...they exchanged looks and went on there way
she got to her locker and placed her back into her locker when she opened it
,to get her text books and such.She closed her locker holding her textbooks and
writing paper for notes...she heads away to art class..knowing she will see Jess
today .

Adam arrived at Mary's house and rushed in leaving his car on..and ran to where
he saw his brother...Adam slightly out of breath speaks.

Adam"What is wrong..?"
Chaz"Mary,she wont speak..and she is crying..and i think something is wrong.."
Adam"what makes you think this..?"
Chaz"Trevin's room is empty..not a thing left is there,and Mary keeps saying something
bout Trevin moving in with some guy from school..named Jess"
Adam sighs and rubs his temples"I dont know..I cant Process all this ..."
Mary"she.." sniffles" she left cause of me.."

Adam walks to Mary's side and speaks softly

Adam" sweety,listen..cause she left doesnt mean she hates you..it means she is trying to
get well inside her mind..."
Mary"she went to a looney bin"
Adam" a Psychward..?"
Mary "yes"

Adam now even more concernd..that he may of been the reseason why she ended up there

Mary"she Overdosed..."
Adam : WHAT?!?!?!"
Chaz"Adam..this is no time to get mad..we need to work this out.."
Adam sighed" your right,Mary hun..you need to focus on being more open..for Trevin "

she nodded..

Trevin sat down in her seat,and set out her notebook..and drawning kit..and waiting for others to pile in
Jess arrived and sat by Trevin..she smiled and he grinned..

Soon the teacher walked in...and a few kids scattered into the room sittng down,Mr,parker glanced at
Trevin and then away.Trevin glanced down figureing he looked at her in disappointment or something.

Soon all the kids piled in and sitting down and making alot of noise..Trevin sighed and Jess got ready
aswell..as did the other kids..

Mr,Parker " Okay,Today we are going to draw what we are feeling inside..and then we will present it
to the class before its over..and for those I dont get to..will present it tomorrow.."

The class groaned..Trevin remained silent..she opend her sketch book and opened the holder of her
drawing penciles and such..and began to draw like the other classmates in the room this very moment
to Trevin the room felt smaller..hotter and sticky..and tasted like rusty hot metal...and sighed and
remained drawing ..unaware of what she is drawing...this moment.

She has drawn a black grass field with decaying bodies..with eyes sucken in..and no eyes
and there is mist almost like fog around them...and the fresh grass they touch turns black
and the sky above is red and dripping slightly with what appears like rain..and teh moon is a
midnight blueish black color...and soon she finshs and is shocked by what she drew..and is
worried bout presenting it to the class..today..so she starts another picture.

end of chap 14



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Chapter 15

Jamie rushs into Trevin's art class and seems frantic..Trev gets up and walks with
Jamie out side..

Trevin " Jamie what is it..? cant you see I am in class "
Jamie " its mom...Adam our dad...took mom to a Hospital.."
Trevin " are you sure..? "
Jamie " yes, I am sure...she had a break down,she isnt eating or even speaking "
Trevin " I .." glances into the class room.. " I know how to fix it.."
Jamie " good...I'll meet you at the hospital in 30 minutes.."

Trevin nods..and heads into class grabbing her books from inside her desk ,not noticing
her picture landed on the floor she left to her locker and grabbed her bag and placed her books
inside her locker....and she proceed to leave school...when Jess caught up with her..and stopped her.

Jess " Trev...are you okay..?"
Trevin " I will be .."
Jess " Trev,your worrying me..."
Trevin " I always loved you,Jess "
Jess " Trev,I wont let you go...not right now..."
Trevin " I must...I am sorry..Jess.."

Trevin speeds up to leave..but Jess tackles Trevin..and sat up and held her in his arms.Mr,Parker
noticed the art work on the floor and picked it up..as he was walking down the rows of desks,he studied
the picture and noticed it was signed by Trevin Hill,He clenched his jaw..worried now that something is wrong
with Trevin.

Jess,held her and hummed Fur elis ,to calm her down..even though she was trying to get away from Jess..to
go through with fixing her mom's problem..Trevin started yelling...

Trevin " Let me go...I have to fix my mom..!?!?!"
Jess " I cant let you do that.. I love you to much..Trev.."

Jamie watched from a distant..feeling bad for letting Trevin know bout there mom's problem..

Trevin " Its my fault she is hurting...I need to fix it.."
Jess " Trev,babe...think about it , your mom loves you..she doesnt hate you ..cause you went to a special
place for help..she loves you Trev.."
Trevin " I am the reseason,she is hurting badly that she broke down.."
Jess " We love you Trev,your family loves you and I love you..alot "

The classrooms piled out of their rooms,with the minor yelling of Trevin,and even the teachers..
Sarah whispers " what is wrong with Trevin "

Trevin is crying and trying hard not to find a way to get away from Jess..

Jess " you have people who care about you..think of them.."
Trevin " How can someone love ,someone like me..."
Jess " you are special,Trev..you can help others that have suffered like you have.."
Trevin " I ...I just want to stop hurting..."
Jess " I know,Trev..I know.."

Jess relaxed his hold on Trevin..and she broke free..running faster down the hall..with her bag..and Jess
ran after..Sarah Chased after Trevin.

Trevin got into the bathroom and hid in the stall and silently cried ,and took out her kit she kept if she
needed it badly,she took out the razor and lighter she sparked the lighter and heated up the blade and
used the minor heat to cut deeply..and she kept it ,as Sarah got into the bathroom with Jess.

Sarah " Trevin,please dont do this..."
Jess " Trev..?"

Trevin ignored there pled's for her to come out...Jess and Sarah started pushing open the stall's
and found the one that is locked..Sarah peeked into the stall,seeing Trevin with the razor ,and the blood
on her arm dripping down to her pant's.

Sarah " Jess , Break open the door...Now !?!?"
Jess " Okay.."

Jess rammed into the stall door breaking the lock,to find Trevin,nearly unconcious and slightly pale..
he picks her up and takes her out and sets her on the floor..tears nearly ready to fall down his cheeks.

Sarah aid'd Trevin's arm and Jess,called 911..to get Trevin more help..

Jess " dont you die on me ,Trev..we need you..."
Sarah " its not deep enough..she is going to make it.."

Within the 5 minutes ,the EMT's and Police arrived and rushed to the women's bathroom where
Trevin and Sarah and Jess are and they Addressed Trevin's wounds and such..and within the extra 5 minutes
of being there , they rushed Trevin to the Emergency room.

End of chap 15

Chapter 16

Jess and Sarah Sat outside in the waiting room....Sarah took Jess's
hand..and rolled up her sleeves to reveil raised scars that went in all directions
and were old ,a few years old...Jess glanced at the scars and then to Sarah's face.

Jess " you , use to cut..? "
Sarah " yes, only a few people know,the teachers know ..."
Jess " how long has it been , for you ..? "
Sarah " at the most, 2 years..but the scars dont fade much.."
Jess " is that why ,2 years ago you werent in school for atleast.."

he is cut off by Sarah .

Sarah "yes,thats why i was gone for about 4 months 2 years ago, it started out as
self harm..and I then became suicidal..and refused to eat ..and when my parents noticed
I wasnt doing good in school and was hiding food and then they found a box in my room,and opend
it to find rubbing alcohol and bandaids..and a bloody washcloth..and they confronted me..and I showed them
the cuts and they offered to get me help and I accepted "
Jess " I am afraid of losing , Trev..to her depression.."
Sarah grips Jess's hand softly " All we can do is , be there for her..and let her know people care and there are
people who can help her.."

Jess nods...

Adam rushed into the waiting room .. " Where is she..? "
Sarah looks at adam " Who..?"
Adam " Trevin..where is she..?"
Sarah " In surgery.."
Adam" is it that serious..?"
Adam " where is the doctor..?"

Dr,Koski " your the father..? " has walked to the three..
Adam " yes.."
Dr,Koski " Trevin's mental psych..is at a Critcal level..she is a High danger to herself.."
Adam"what is there to do..?"
Dr,Koski"you can Admit her to our Psych ward...for at the most of 2 months...as your the father..you can
have her here longer to get her the right treatment.."
Adam" Anything to help my baby girl.."
Dr,Koski " Okay,I'll get the paper works..for you to fill out..and we will admit her..when she wakes in the recovery room.."

Adam nods..and Dr,Koski heads to get the Psych ward forms for parents to fill out to have there kids admitted..
Dr,Koski returned with the clip board and Adam begins to fill out the papers.

Jess " if your Trevin's father ,how come I've never seen you before..?"
Adam" her mother had a restraining order agaisnt me..for personal reseasons...but I need to be in Trevin's life..right now
she needs someone ...to help her ..then her mother..."
Jess " then her mom..? "
Adam" Trevin was very young,she wouldnt remember but all those times..she was in the er.with a broken arm or bruise..
or a black eye I was there and took her home..and her mother said that if she were good,that they men she dated wouldnt hurt her "
Jess " your saying that Mary,never did a thing to protect ,Trevin from the guys she dated...?"
Adam"yes..she isnt okay in the head....Trevin's mom is well...ill..she hears voices in her head...but when i took Trevin home..I never saw
any men there ,they all were in Mary's head...they voices told her Trevin is bad.. and needs to be punished..I tried alot to get Full Cusoty,of
Trevin..to keep her safe...but then Mary would deny hearing voices..and seeing things..but now she broke down cause Trevin went into the hospital
for week.."
Jess" will they Commit ,Mary..?"
Adam" yes..when she is left alone she rambles bout things and aruges with herself..."

Jess..began to feel bad for Trevin...but knows that he needs to let Trevin know he is there for her and Sarah and Adam.

Adam finshed filling out the papers and Dr,Koski took the clipboard and brought it to Dr,Lina.. to place the Information into the system
of patients...and get her a room and a therapist..to talk to..

Within the 20 mintues Trevin woke in the recovery room,with Bandages on her arms..and Dr,Koski.and Dr,Lina sitting by her..

Dr,Koski " Trevin, you remember Dr,Lina..?"
Trevin sleeply spoke "yes..I do.."
Dr,Koski " she is here to,take you to our ward .."
Trevin.." ward...?"
Dr,Lina " the adolsent ward , you were on before.."
Trevin " no..I wont go.."
Dr,Koski " Trevin , you have no choice this time...your father admited you..."
Trevin " What!?!?!"
Dr,Lina " calm down,Trevin..he feels its the right thing for you..."

Trevin slightly cried..and Dr,Koski helped Trevin into the wheelchair..to escort her to the ward..

End of chap 16

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Chapter 17

Dr,Lina sat with Trevin in her office...and for the few moments she remained silent..then glanced
at Dr,Lina...

Dr,Lina " are you ready..to work out a treatment plan..?"
Trevin " if I have to.."
Dr,Lina " okay,what do you think would be best for you...?"
Trevin " well why not ask my father..''
Dr,Lina " okay.."

Dr,lina paged Dr,koski and asked for Adam to be brought back to work out a treatment
plan for Trevin. Dr,Koski went to the waiting room and got Adam..and they headed to
the Adolsent ward..to go to Dr,Lina's office.

its a short walk to the adolsent ward..and Dr,Koski shows the front desk that she works
at the hospital..and they are buzzed back..and its a short walk again to Dr,Lina's office.

Adam and Dr,koski walk in..

Dr,Koski " here is Adam,Dr,Lina.."
Dr,Lina " thank you,Adam please..have a seat"

Dr,Koski left..and Adam sat next to Trevin..

Adam " is there a problem..? "
Dr,Lina " Trevin is having trouble figuring out her ,treatment plan.."
Adam " I'd be glad to help.."
Trevin scoffs " yea right.. you havent been in my life since I was born.."
Adam " I think it would be wise,to have Trevin in a anger group and DBT.."
Dr,Lina " I agree...DBT would be good for Trevin.."
Trevin " what is DBT..?"
Dr,Lina " Dialectial Behavioral therapy "
Trevin " sounds stupid..but whatever.."
Dr,Lina " your treatment plan is done...you will join in with the anger groups and have a One on one DBT session with
our finest,therapist.."
Adam"its for your own ,good Trev "

Trevin rolls her eyes..and stands and leaves the office ..Adam follows after..and stops Trevin..

Adam " Trev,hun..I've always been in your life ..all those times you were in the ER cause of your mom's
jerks of boyfriends...had hurt you..I'd always come to the rescue..and I even tried to get Full custoy of you and
your brother...but your mother..pulled her act together enough for the hearing and then slide downhill.."
Trevin " your lying.."
Adam " your mom is sick..Trevin...she has schizophrenia ,she hears voices and see's things..but Trevin..your
mom never had any boyfriends..after she left me..She was the one who had hurt you.."
Trevin " your lying.."
Adam " no, I'm not...I took you to my house for a few days...and I even attempted more then once to gain
Custody,of you and Jamie "
Trevin " then I am like mom to.."
Adam " no Trev..your not...you attempted once to get help..and you know you need it ..but your scared of others
finding out ,that you need help...you are stronger then your mom ever has been.."

Trevin hugged her dad,crying into his shoulder " I am stupid...I am fat..dad "
Adam " Hun,your beautiful..and you are smart..and a great person.."

He wrapped his arm's around Trevin in a hug,and soothed her..and held her for the time he was allowed..

Cathy " Sir,visiting hours are from 6 pm to 8 pm...you can come back at during those times.."
Adam nodded " Trev,hun..I promise...I won't let your mom,get you back.."
Trevin " I love you,dad "
Adam " love you too,Kiddo.."

Adam was escorted off the ward..and Trevin was shown her room..and she sat on her bed..for the remaining
time..till it was lunch time.

End of chap 17


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