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underworld of chaos (mature )

Chapter 1

I woke in a room full of skulls lining the walls.And finger bones hanging from the ceiling then with a bone shattering boom , screams of angel demons rushing in war or so I assumed that much , that a war or practice of knowing when to fight against the heavenly creatures above to descend the angels into fallen pits of medusa's corpse that lines the pit thats casted into shadows of horrors that go unspoke.

Suddenly a Creature or so I think of it as a creature, stared me in the eyes striking fear into the very pure soul of mine.I'd think the creature would stop when IT noticed the fear brewing inside me. In the very core of my soul but no IT didn't stop. Instead it walked to me , Placed a pure black claw onto my cheek and looked me in the eyes still and then IT spoke.

Drevin " I am the lord of this underworld..your my Prisoner. You'll never leave this place ,Ever.."

The words burned in my mind for what felt like days maybe months or years , but I then awoke in my bed or so I thought,but I glanced around to only find the screaming sounds and the clashing of swords and angel's of light fighting the war , among the angel demons of this world known as the " Underworld of chaos" .

Most on earth would call it " Hell " but here its known as "Chaos " and it suits it well ,from what I know and can tell ,then a stray angel demon strolled into my cell and had brought tools of some sort with him..I could tell it was a man as the demon was naked and was human like except his skin was like mine ,and his eyes pitch black ,black like night.

Then HE , pulled the cloth off the table HE had brought in with him , and then I am crippled by fear , when I see the ancient tools from the times of Jesus and the pharoh's ,HE spoke his voice dripping with pleasure for his task and it drips down my throat of fear and burning flesh.

Devon " dont fret ,child of light ,soon it will end that poor false happiness within your soul."

I am render voiceless ,almost as if my vocal chords were crushed or burned to nothing but musky air ,sticky with fear and mots of pain. He picked up the smallest tool and proceed'd to pierce my skin with the icey cold knife that soon burned my veins and flesh ,I tried hard to indure the pain so strong it could be the strongest to there knee's to beg for it to end..bit I did not,I forced myself to indure the blazing pain.

HE then jerked the pick , up the rest of my arm, sending icey fire along the veins and skin, but I knew the pain wouldnt stop yet not till HE was finshed with his task of sending me into a pain dazed high.

Then I noticed a string of light smoke seeping from the wound,then I realized it was my very soul,I then got the point of his task it was to corupt my soul into their's ,making me on them, A fall child of light . but I knew that the light the refered to was God and Jesus and Heaven..all together.

Soon HE took another pick and stabbed it into chest ,I fought back a scream as showing any sign of pain or giving into his fear's would make him only want more,more of my pain and torment , But I knew I was stronger then this demon,this godless thing before me but the challenge was trying to save him.

Though I noticed his eyes widen in shock and HE stopped and blocked his eyes from the near blinding purest white light ever,as an angel stood before him and spoke.

Jisaleei "Devon,you harm this child of god,in this world of chaos,to what taint her soul into nearly falling into the devil's grip of darkness and hate..?"

All the demon did was hide in the faded dark shadow of the corner..I then passed out ,my soul tainted to what the devil wanted..and it had entered my body ,then the Angel turned to me,knowing the worst thing . Is my soul is untaintedable..meaning my soul will remain tainted till I choose how to act when I return to earth.

I Then wake to a room filled with people,people I know family , friends and co-workers..I spoke for once.

dade " I missed you,what day/time is it...?"

My mom showed me the paper ,I then am horrorfiyed to see that I been asleep for 6 months , I glanced at my mom and spoke.

Dade " mom,how can this be..it felt like years where I was.."
Tess " And where was that..?"
Dade "Hell.."

everyone's faces were drenched in horror and pity..for the place I was in..then I noticed the seering pain in my arm and chest..and sure enough the very wounds I had in hell where there..but I surely knew I was in car crash..so its very unlikly for me to have these wounds in the same places as I had in hell.

But it was real..even the sounds and details and devil and angels and the purest bright white light ever.

end of chap 1


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