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Post Info TOPIC: Fairywood (short story ) (adult for minor gloomy hateful words and minor sarcasm)


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Fairywood (short story ) (adult for minor gloomy hateful words and minor sarcasm)


Some take life for granted or some take avantage of people with more money , who are more caring and willing to help those in need.

But some take love for granted and misuse it to there wants and needs , not really caring for the other's feelings or broken heart ,once they find out they were misused for love or for the other persons needs and wants.

but this is much more then all that , this is a story of hardships and how all that brought her from the darkest of depression to the purest happiness ever known .

Her story will save many of knowing that through hardships come rewards we lease except from it.

This is Lilu's story.

Chapter 1

I woke one monday morning , God how I hate monday mornings , so boring all we do is wanna sleep in and not get out of bed . But I got up made a pot of coffee and reheated yesterdays breakfast and sat at the table eating terrible tasting eggs and toast and sipping a nuke warm cup of coffee , I had to reheat it in the lazy microwave as I had ran out of coffee to make .

I tossed the eggs and toast and left with my cup of coffee and got into my stupid piece of junk car,I dont get how anyone can call this heap a car. This stupid 1981 honda , god I wish I could destroy the little thing , but whats worse is I have to go to work with a bizillion people ,and deal with there bullcrap . I swear mondays are torture ,its almost like monday never ends and when it does your relieved and want to throw about hats and throw a party , but you cant cause you have to shower brush your teeth and sleep and wake up at frelling 6 am to be ready by 7 am to head to work .

God how I hat traffic , people are jerks and rude , how can others seem so happy when the rest seem so sad and gloomy, well thats me part of the gloomy lets go boom group. Many may say I have problems , I wont admit it ..everyone has problems and hidden past's and backgrounds they dont talk about so screw em.

So I park this piece of junk honda , and I climb out shutting my door locking my pathic so called car , and I head off to the Elevator to go to the 13th floor for my floor ,which is nothing better then files , filing papers and notes and reports as my job is for a bank , lovely right ..not . Working for a bank sucks all you get to do is sit at some stupid desk in your own little box with a stupid slow computer with only games and Microsoft works to write down notes or make notice of something . Oh get this Then we have to orderize the files from A to Z , its stupid work sucks mondays sucks , or maybe is the way my mind thinks, god this people are pathic all they do is whisper and only say hi or carry a 3 minute converstion during lunch or break .

How I cant wait till I get off my shift for the night , which wont be till frelling 11 pm , peachy right ..nope I'll be the only one here doing more filing and more and more and making notes and notices for the bank to go over .

end of chap 1


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