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Minutes to Midnight

The clock is ticking and she is still waiting for him to arrive
It is now or never, it's their will to survive
That keeps them hanging on to their love for one another
Like a mother to her father and like a sister to her brother

Forbidden by the vines of a family dispute that never could end
It is a hateful example, one that's not easy to mend
Her love for him was ever so much it was love at first sight
In a marketplace, in the harshness of a winter night

They met eyes for the first time at their meeting
He kissed her hand and she bowed to give her greeting
Her skin was as soft as a hand woven material
She laughed as he spilt his newly bought cereal

Ever since that time they had been torn apart by bitter hate
Their families ate it as though it was food on a plate
For it was to be with one another or to be dead
To be or not to be that is the question, Shakespeare once said

He came galloping on his black horse through the mist
He was coming, without her, he could not exist
The thought of not being together shattered him to death
He could not turn out like Shakespeare's Macbeth

She had saved him from a life that was wrong and ill
She was the his only surviving will
He swung off his stallion and landed on the dark ground
Taking caution to make not a sound

She raced over to the window didn't care to look around
Opened the window when her father roared "To him you are not bound!"
She turned around in shock and he grabbed her by the hair
He yelled "You are not to leave this house, do not dare!"

Her lover was quick to react and jumped through to the room
Their fate together was nothing but a doom
The father threw his daughter down to the rug
His daughter cried "Go away you fat ugly slug!"

"We love each other, don't you understand?"
The father yelled "Why him? Why this treacherous man?"
The lover took a swing at the father but he caught the fist
Her father was fuming mad and the lover was on his death list

The father pulled out a knife and stabbed it through the lover
The lover stepped back, holding the wound, he had to recover
The daughter weeped and pleaded her father to go
But her father shook his head and spat on the lover, who was so low

The father picked up the lover and threw him outside
"He's going to die if we don't help him!" the daughter cried
Any excuse to see her lover would do today
But the father knew that his daughter was now going to pay

With her life and her betrayal to her house
She cried even more, her tears wetting her blouse
Her father shut the window so no one could come through
Not even a speck of dust, could come in too

He dragged his daughter away and ordered her execution
For him, as a father, that was the only solution
She was hung in public the next coming day
Which makes the saying true, love really does pay


God Bless Us Everyone
We are a broken people living under a loaded gun

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