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Sing Me Anything

ok my first story ive been working on. Its actually finished so theres really no worry about me not finishing on here. There might be a little bit as I go and edit it and so on while i put it on here. If yall have any suggestions then let me know.

Ch 1

She told me that she was proud, that she was happy that I had become into someone that I was meant to be. My family thought I was lying, that my mother couldn's possiably say something like that on a small account of death. I was happy to see her again even if it was only for a brief period of time. My mother was always one of the most important people in my life. But this time she said her good bye was a second chance for me.

Charlie rolled over and draped an arm around me. When I had told him of my dream, he was happy that I had gotten to see my mother. Charlie had a similar story to mine but atleast his had a happy ending. Even though his mother died while he was young, his stepmom atleast made the effort to be a mother figure to him. Mrs. Debbie was one of the most carring women I will ever have the privelage to meet. Honestly I was a little jealous of him.
"What are you thinking about?"
He mumbeled into my hair. I smiled as his entire body seemed to bring me in closer to his heart.
"Just about my mom again."
His massive arms held my skinny frame against his well built chest. I felt safe and protected against him.
"are you worried about something else?"
"No, just the ice on bridges thats all."
Charlie gave a chuckle that almost sent me toppeling off of the bed. When Charlie laughed, his whole body laughed. When he smiled, his whole body smiled too.
"Ok then I will worry about the Icebergs in the water."
I gave a smile as I then nuzzled my face deeper into the pillow that was his chest. The light filtered in from the comforter that was tacked up over the window. I groaned as I sat up. I looked over at the clock. Letting out a long sigh, I ran my fingers through my unruly hair. Charlie opened the door and the dog lept off of the bed and ran in circles in front of the front door so she could be let out. I shook my head. That dog was always crazy, like dog like master I suppose. I showered quickly and got dressed for work.
"do you want to take my car or yours?"
"Lets take yours. I dont want to risk the brakes."
I said as he grabbed his apron. at night and weekends when we wernt in school, we worked at a local roadhouse. Charlie waited tables and I hosted. Charlie's dad owned the place as well as the house we rented. It was sunday morning so i knew things were going to be pretty slow. The Economy sucked so no one was going out to eat. Food prices were going up because of minimum wage going up and gas prices were going up too. Charlie and I couldnt afford to take two cars much less put gas in both. I yawned and streatched as I got in the car. I really didnt want to work, but I didnt have a choice. Charlie reached to the radio and turned the volume down.
"Hey Anna you know what today is right?"
"August 10th?"
"Yeah but other then that?"
Charlie gave me his ever present mischevious smile. I gave a smirk of my own. I know he thinks I forgot.
"to this day, we've been friends for close to thirteen years. ITs also out 3 year aniversary. you thought I forgot didnt you?"
Charlie gave a sheepish smile as he turned his attention to the steering wheel.
"Where did you want to go for dinner when we get off work?"
I gave him a questioning look.
"Why are you gonna spend your hard earned money when we can just eat at work for free?"
"Because your specail and you deserve the best."
He whispered as he kissed the top of my head. The light turned green and we turned into the parking lot at work. We were not even open but the back lot was already filled with cars.
"Charlie your crazy you know that?"
"Yeah but so are you. I'm the good guy in this story remember?"
Charlie pulled me up out of the car and shut my door like a real gentleman. The aroma of ribs and steak wafted from the back door and my mouth instantly watered and my stomach growled. Charlie gave another sniff of the air.
"Smells like my dads in the kitchen today. Oooh he cooked everyone breakfast too. Pasta."
I licked my lips. Charlies dad was an amazing cook. Charlie jerked the back door open and nearly took it off its hinges. I shook my head, I was ready to get this day over with.

Tony: Hey Munch!
Munch: TONY!! .... I needz ur help.
Tony: Whats up?
Munch: I think my house is a portal to hell...
Tony: why do you say that?
Munch: My stepmom is here and my holy water isnt working
Tony: ....

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My apologies for not posting sooner, I've been working on a story of my own, anyways...
It's well written (of course as with every forum story a few spelling errors but only one I noticed, there may only be that single one: ITs also out 3 year aniversary) and I quite enjoyed reading it. I'll admit the driving part made me think there was going to be a car accident and it was a SLIGHT let down when it didn't happen but I think before I get a full opinion on the story I will need to read more.
Currently I have no suggestions, only what I said above but I will post them as they come to me.

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