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Your dream band

If le mods think this'd be better suited to some music forum, my bad. Move it smile.gif

So: it's a thread I've seen on almost every forum I've lurked on. Slap together your favorite band members - they can overlap bands, no worries, and god forbid should actually wonder if they'd sound decent together. Me, I'd like to see ...

Brent Smith on vocals.
Current singer of Shinedown. In the earlier albums, his Southern accent got a little outta control sometimes and made him sound all twangy and nasal and all-around hideous. By the third album, Sound of Madness, it's just gorgeous. And I'm jealous. But there you have it.

Amy Lee also on vocals, and piano.
Old singer of Evanescence, now (possibly) working on a solo album. God, I hope so. I don't generally like female vocalists, or at least not the new ones (I do like Cher, Pat Benatar, and even Tina Turner in moderation), but yow. Whether it's a heavier song or a simple voice-and-piano number, this chick rocks. And, as an added bonus, she plays my favorite instrument.

Dan Donegan on guitar.
The lesser-known D.D. of Disturbed *lol* I'm not a big air-guitarist - being a vocaphile - but between verses I've noticed that the man can shred. I guess. Like I say, I don't have much to compare him to, but when thinking of a good guitarist, I thought, "Metallica? Dragonforce? Ehn, nah ... Disturbed!" Plus, I actually knew his name off the top of my head!

Shawn Economaki on bass.
I admit, I had to look up his name, but he's the bassist of Stonesour. Seriously, if I don't notice the guitar, how'm I supposed to notice the freakin' bass? But I did put a little effort into this idea - just a little - so it was between this guy and Korn's bassist. Mr. Economaki won, not by a lot, but he won. Yay him.

Trent Reznor on drums.
Confusing, yes? Trent Reznor a.k.a. NIN - you thought I'd want him singing, yet here he is relegated to drums. Well, since my new-new earbuds decided they wanted to be mono and that wasn't working for me, I went back to my old-new ones and their built-in bass boost. I first noticed the awesome drums in With_Teeth ... then Year Zero, then The Slip. So here you have him, hiding out at the back of the stage.

There's mine. And you? smile.gif


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*lol* You're awesome. Always crack me up. Bless ya.

Um I'm not going to go nuts with the details like you have, but I'd actually like to see something. Here's what I'm thinking at the moment;

Lars Ulrich, Trent Reznor, David Draiman, Mike Shinoda, Corey Taylor, Jonathan Davis, Maybe Chris Cornell. For lyrics I actually want some consultation from Rob Thomas. Maybe for the female element Amy Lee (though she may drown in overabundant testosterone with that pack behind/beside her). I too am not one for female vocalists but I do love her voice (I also love old Tina Turner's voice too, and Toni Child's almost masculine croon. Shame I don't like her music - too slow). My favourite vocalist of all time however may surprise you; the late Jeff Buckley, and since he's not in a position to be coming back to get up on stage I'm afraid he can't be in this. Shame though. Would love to hear him try and work with that level of aggression *sigh* As to what instruments they'd all weild and who'd do what would depend heavily on the song/sound they'd mesh out. I love the angry, heavy, basy sound so that's kind of a given. Trying to imagine David and Corey crooning together makes my little knees go weak. Lars and Trent battling it out for epic sound makes the heart go crazy. Mike and Jonathan exchanging verbal metonyms - priceless. I'm a happy little camper in that imaginary world *sigh*

Wonder what the frack they'd all call themselves? Metaninurbinorstorn?
(Metallica, NIN, Disturbed, Fort Minor, Stone Sour and Korn all rolled into one!)
*lol for real*

Sad, innit?


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I will move this when I'm done with my response.

My dream band?
Billy Corgan (Zwan, Smashing Pumpkins) on vocals
Corgan to me is not only known for his musical contribution, but also his political contribution.

Katie Steele (Little Birdy) on vocals
Not a very well known Aussie band but I do love her voice.

Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails) on drums
Never have forgotten his introduction in Judith and March of the Pigs.

Maynard James Keenan (A Perfect Circle, Pucifer, Tool) on bass
He is one of the best bassist to me, even better than Cristiano Miligiore from Lacuna Coil.

Jack White (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather) on electric
You all saw this coming.

James Iha (A Perfect Circle, Smashing Pumpkins) on rhythm guitar

Love his rhythm guitar work in Smashing Pumpkins especially in Siva and his acoustics in Disarm.

-- Edited by Jack White on Friday 14th of August 2009 10:49:47 AM


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City and Colour is my Dream Band haha.

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